Mitch Vandergunst is from Exeter, Ontario.

Mitch has played hockey since he was 4 years old.  He played minor hockey, then moved on to AAA hockey, and ended up playing for his hometown junior league team at the age of 16.  Every year from there he made a step up, going from Junior D, C, B, and then ultimately to Junior A.  From there he went to the SPHL, the Southern Professional Hockey League, and then managed to work his way up to the East Coast Hockey League which is a well known and an even better league.  

Mitch has been involved in real estate since he completed college, but now he is now putting even more of his attention on working in real estate.  He started his own company called the Emvy Group, Inc to invest in real estate.  He plans to buy and hold properties and to flip properties as well.  He has been investing in apartment buildings.  Right now, he has about 30 units.  Mitch’s father was an entrepreneur and owned his own construction business, and that has been an inspiration to Mitch.